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5 types of food that should never touch your mouth

NoIf you’re on a diet or just trying to eat healthier, congratulations! You’re one step closer to living a fuller and happier life! There’s a saying, “What you put in is what you get out.” Listed below are some of the foods you should never eat. All the foods listed here are either processed, full of trans fat, or just plain horrible for your body! Now let’s get started…


#1. Canned foods

Canned foods

Canned foods are usually quick meals. After a long day’s work the last thing you want to do is cook, but did you know that canned foods contain an industrial compound called Bisphenol A or else known as BPA? This compound protects the food from bacteria, but high amounts of it can greatly affect your overall health. BPA has been linked to endocrine disorders, heart disease, and even cancer. Canned foods also contain high amounts of sodium, which is bad for your blood pressure.


#2. Artificial sweeteners


Most people will prefer sweeteners to sugar, but did you know that sweeteners are processed and can be 200 times sweeter than the average sugar? This sweetness can affect your taste buds; it will always make you crave sweet things and this doesn’t help you eat healthy. Sweeteners also contain aspartame. Scientific studies have shown that aspartame can increase the risk of blood related cancers in some animals. So instead of sweeteners a little bit of sugar, honey, or stevia can be a better option.


#3. Non-organic potatoes & apples

potatoes and applesIt would be pretty ridiculous to buy everything that’s organic, not to mention very expensive. But if you can help it I would highly recommend buying organic potatoes and apples. These items are often heavily sprayed with pesticide and fungicides. The high concentrations of these chemicals are often left in the potatoes and apples even after they’ve been picked and cleaned. So either buy organic or make sure you scrub them well before you eat them.


#4. Margarine

MargarineMargarine can be a cheaper option for most, so what’s the difference? Butter is made from animal products and margarine is processed from vegetable oil. Margarine is also filled with trans fat and this can increase inflammation by damaging your cell linings and blood vessels. It can also increase your risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and degenerative diseases. So never eat margarine, instead use a little bit of butter on your toast.


#5. Soda

All sodas

This last one is kind of obvious but a hard habit to break. Drinking soda can ruin your teeth by promoting cavity and tooth decay. Scientific studies have also shown that drinking cola can lead to the weakening of your bones. So instead of soda, I would recommend you drinking more water or tea.



All the foods listed above can be a normal part of our diet and it can be hard to stop consuming evolvethese things. So how can you stop eating or drinking them? Simple, throw them away or never buy them again. Getting rid of these unhealthy items can lead you to be healthier human being. This will mean that you will have more energy and evolve into something greater! So do it…I dare you!


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