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 Toki? What in the world is that?

cute bunny info

In Korean a Toki means a bunny


Rabbit facts

Some Bunny facts

1.) They are very intelligent, curious, and loving animals.

2.) They are very social and need lots of love and attention.

3.) They are crepuscular animals, meaning they are most active at dawn
& dusk.

4.) They should not be kept as a classroom pet.



So…why is it called tokidiet?

Well basically we want to encourage you to have the same lifestyle like a rabbit. Everything that’s listed above we want you to be the same!


What our website is all about

We here at want to inspire you to be everything that was
just mentioned.

#1.) We want you to be well informed, ask questions, receive answers,
and upon receiving the information apply it to your life. After making
the lifestyle changes share the information with others so they may
also do the same.

#2.) We want you to be social creatures and have lots of friends. Byhappy bunny applying some of our information and trying our diet products, you will
no doubt develop a healthier life style. Which can give you the
confidence to go out there and meet new people and hopefully receivelots of love from them.

#3.) We want you to be active throughout the day. Not only be physically
fit but also mentally. Get up early and do your best throughout the day
from dawn till dusk.

#4.) Don’t be a pet…what we mean is don’t stay inside all day and be a
hermit. Actually apply some of this useful information to your life.
Try some of the diet products! Try our suggestions! Eat healthier!
Exercise more! Eventually you’ll have enough energy to do enjoy
whatever it is you like to do!


We would like to end with our motto

“May you live a rich and fulfilling life; full of joy and happiness.”