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What is Acai?

acaiThe acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berry is an inch-long reddish or sometimes purplish fruit that comes from an acai palm tree. The acai berry is known for containing high amounts of antioxidants, which gives it a deep dark red/purple color. They’re usually grown near Central and South America and have been consumed by the people of Brazil for many generations. The acai berry is very versatile in its uses and health benefits. People have been known to use the berries to heal skin conditions, reduce fevers, and even to treat diabetes. Most of the research on the acai berry is focused on its high amounts of antioxidants. Theoretically, the antioxidant can help your body fight against diseases such as heart disease or even cancer.


How Is Acai Eaten?

The berries can be found in organic stores or your local grocery markets. The acai berry can be eaten raw, in tablet form, made into juice, smoothies, and energy drinks. They can also be made into other food products like jelly or even ice cream.


What Are The Health Benefits of Acai?

As I mentioned before acai has been consumed by the South Americans for countless generations and has many health benefits. Scientists are still in the process of researching all of the benefits of the Acai berry but here’s what they’ve found so far…

  • Acai Fights against arthritis, depression, diabetes, Fibromyalgia, heart disease, stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, immune problems, circulatory conditions, and sleep Problems.acai heart
  • The Acai Berry can contain more grams of protein than an egg.
  • Acai is a good source of fiber and heart healthy fats.
  • It can detox your body of free radicals
  • The Acai berry contains several substances called anthocyanin and flavonoids.
  • They are rich in antioxidants
  • Because of the large amount of antioxidants it can slow down aging.
  • It can lessen the destructive power of free radicals, which may help reduce the risk of some diseases, such as heart disease or even cancer.
  • Studies show that the acai berry contains more antioxidants than the cranberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, or even the blueberry.


Does Acai Have More Antioxidants Than Regular Fruits and Veggies?

Before we go into the antioxidant levels of the Acai berry let’s talk about what ORAC is. ORAC or the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity was developed in 1992 at the National Institutes of Aging. ORAC is a test tube analysis that measures the total antioxidant power of foods and other chemical substances. Scientists have taken each fruit and vegetable and measured them on how much antioxidant properties they each have. They’ve found that eating fruits or veggies that contain high amounts of ORAC can help slow down your aging process of both the body and the brain.


ORAC Values of Fruits and Vegetables

Acai: Over 3,500

Blueberries: 2,400Strawberry

Black berries: 2,036

Strawberries: 1,540

Spinach: 1,260

Raspberries: 1,220

OrangeBrussels sprouts: 980

Broccoli: 890

Beets: 840

Oranges: 750

Cherries: 670

Kiwi: 602


Onions: 450

Corn: 400

Eggplant: 390


Can Acai Help Me Lose Weight?

There are many acai weight loss products out there and scientists are still trying to figure out all the benefits of the acai berry. Currently there is no hard proof that shows acai helps with weight loss. The theory is however that since the acai berry is a rich source of antioxidant it can help your body be free of radicals, which will help you stay healthy and give you more energy to exercise more. Other then that some of the claims from the weight loss products can be a little far-fetched.


Will Acai Help Me Get Radiant Skin?

Yes, a lot of cosmetics and beauty products nowadays contain acai oil in their ingredient list. Since acai oil contains large amounts of antioxidants they’re used in beauty products such as facial creams, body creams, anti-aging skin therapies, shampoo, conditioners, and other skin care products.


Is there Side Effects to Acai?

If you have any pollen allergies to berries or acai products you should avoid probably avoid it. Other then that if you consume acai moderately then there shouldn’t be any problems.


acai berry

Review of Acai

Acai is a tasty way to get your daily dose of antioxidants and to stay healthy throughout the year. Many surfers in Brazil have been known to eat a handful of acai berries before catching that next wave; they said the berries helped them give the focus they need to succeed! So try to add some acai juice in your diet it can do you a world of good!

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