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How is the chicken nugget made?

chicken nugget The fast food restaurant describes the chicken nuggets as being the tender, juicy, and delicious meat that kids and Adults love (they left out gross and processed). The nuggets also come with a variety of zesty sauces to choose from. With this tasty combination it’s hard to resist some nuggets. So how do they make the chicken nuggets?



Advanced Meat Recovery…what’s that?

The photo that you see below you is something that fast food restaurants never want you to see. Yes, sorry to pop your bubble but this is where your chicken nuggets come from. What you see is a machine that does a process called Advanced Meat Recovery or AMR for short. The machine begins by scraping the meat off the bones of chickens, turkeys, pigs, or cows and picks it 100% clean of any meat. The cuts are then passed through a high-pressure sieve and the pasty like substance you see in the pictures below you is the result.

Advanced Meat RecoveryAMR 2


So what is the pink paste used for?

This pink paste goes on to becoming the main ingredient in many foods like hot dogs, bologna, chicken nuggets, pepperoni, salami, jerky, etc...


How are chicken nuggets made?

Nuggets plant

What the fast food chains show you is the picture above, don't be fooled...this is only the very end result. The beginning and the middle process is that nasty pink goop I showed you in the previous picture. To make the chicken nuggets they use the same AMR (Advanced Meat Recovery) process. Once the parts of the chicken have been processed, it’s first soaked in ammonia (to kill any bacteria), then flavorings are added (otherwise it tastes horrible), and finally it’s dyed in white (to visually match the color of chicken meat). We are feeding these unhealthy items to our kids everyday! When companies say it’s processed they don’t go into the horrifying details on what “processed” actually is. If you really want some chicken nuggets I would recommend the recipe for making Mcdonalds Chicken Mcnuggets from scratch. The recipe only took me about 1h40min to make and the one-hour was mostly prep time, but it’s worth it to have something freshly made than to consume something that’s been processed and sitting in the freezer for who knows how long…? So please don’t feed yourself or your kids processed chicken nuggets.

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