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5 Steps that is guaranteed to help you lose weight!

questionLet’s get down to business

Ok, so you’ve finally made the decision to make a change and lose that weight! You’ve said this for the fourth time already, but this time it’s going to be different…right?

So now what?

If you’ve had this “light bulb moment” you’re not alone. Everyone around you has had this moment once in his or her life, but you’re going to be different because you’re actually going to embrace the change and stick with it.

In this starter guide I will give you the basic five steps on getting a jump-start to losing weight and feeling healthy. From step one to step five, make sure you commit and give your 100 percent! I mean it!


Trash it

Step 1: You must trash and clear out your fridge

To start let’s get cleaning! Grab every junk food that’s in your house and throw them away. This is priority number one, because it’s the most important step in the process of weight loss. Your secret stash of cookies, candies, and cupcakes are what’s holding you back. Sodas and other sugary drinks also fall into this category so get rid of these as well. You must understand that if you truly want to make the changes and reach your weight loss goal you can’t binge on these types of foods. Again, to change for the best you must start eating healthier and cutting your junk food habits. Which brings me to the next step…


Step 2: Plan ahead and buy the right types of food

You must start forming a battle plan. First, make a list of every processed food that you love. Next stick this list on your fridge. The final step is you cannot eat any of the food that you’ve listed, no matter what!

Now everyone’s favorite part, let’s go shopping! Keep it simple from now on buy natural or wholefoods. What I mean by this is you shouldn’t buy foods already made or processed, but buy food that you can readily eat like fruits, meats, and vegetables. Some examples are oatmeal, raisins, nuts, bananas, oranges, bell peppers, spinach, fish, eggs, and etc. If you have some of these “raw materials” not only are they cheaper then processed foods but they can also be used for multiple recipes.


Most people think that it’s cheaper and easier to eat fast food then cooking at home. This is very wrong thinking. Research has shown that you can spend only about $50.00 a week on healthy and non-processed foods. Not only is it much cheaper to cook at home, but also if you can plan your meals accordingly it’s easier. After cooking you can usually end up with some leftovers and this can become a light lunch for the next day. I also don’t recommend buying everything that’s organic. If something looks, smells, and tastes fresh then just buy it. To eat healthier does not mean buying only organic foods.


Here are some recommendations:

Eat more dark greens and don’t eat too much meat! Let me repeat

penguin question

that…I said don’t eat too much meat. I didn’t say don’t eat any meat. It’s important to have a balance of dark greens and meat on our plate.

If you are eating meat try to eat high-quality animal products like organic or grass-fed. Also buy meat cuts not processed burger patties

Like the candy Skittles always say…taste the rainbow! Add a little color to your diet by eating whole grains, beans, fruits, and a variety of nuts. Remember the darker the color the more vitamins and energy it gives you to stay strong.


Sample Fit Menu:

For Breakfast

-2 egg omelet with spinach, green pepper, tomatoes, and 2 slices of wheat toast

-Plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and a little bit of honey drizzled on top.

Simple Snacks

-A trail mix
-Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheatdifferent fruits


-Simple deli sandwich with little dressings but lots of veggies.

-Yogurt with fresh fruit (Cantaloupe, Mango, Banana, or Honeydew)

-Salad (with dark greens) with tuna or salmon and balsamic dressing

-I highly recommend eating chicken or fish. Try to cook it by steaming it or baking it. Try to stay away from fried foods and using excessive oil.

Note* Start using olive oil, it’s the best for your health and is used in most upscale restaurants.


Step 3: Move your booty!

There is no excuse for this, this is something we do everyday. If you’re just sitting around, you’re doing something wrong. Research has shown that adults need a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day. Well if you’re broke after our shopping spree and can’t afford a gym membership there’s a simple solution. Start walking or jogging. It’s free and it’s the best workout of all. Not only will you discover what’s around your neighborhood, but also you’ll start meeting some new people. Start with just half a mile every morning then gradually increase your distance. Pretty soon you’ll be the envy of all your neighbors!



Step 4: Make some friends that will push you to your goal

If you can do this by yourself…good for you! That is an amazing feat! But unlike you, others will fall because they don’t have the accountability. With accountability (that’s the key word here) you’ll always have that back up and someone to push you to your limits. If you start this change by yourself…the usual “I’ll do it tomorrow” comes out of your lips, but with a partner they’ll give you that extra push to lose some weight and have fun doing it! So pair up or get a group together!


Step 5: Stick to your battle plans and evolve!

Get going!Ok…this is the hardest of the 5 steps. I am going to give it to you straight, you won’t see results within the first hour or maybe even the first week. But if you stick to this 5 step plan I can guarantee you that you will see some changes. It usually takes a normal person about 2 weeks for the changes to actually occur. You’ll probably see the results in actually about a month or so. Until then you must constantly strive for it and stick to your commitment!


evolveThese are some simple changes you can make in a few weeks that can affect you in a very big way. This isn’t the end…as humans we must constantly adapt and strive for the best. Make sure you continue to build these habits up and then add to them as you progress. Good luck and I wish you all the best!!





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