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Top 5 reasons to drink tea instead

Benefits of teaHow many varieties of tea are there?

All tea leafs derive from a plant called the camellia sinensis. After they’re harvested they go through processes that help them become the different types of teas. The different varieties are: green tea, black tea, white tea, and oolng tea.


So why should I drink tea?

Reason #1:  It can help you with your concentration.

Tea has a certain amount of caffeine and L-theanine that can help you in your mental alertness and focus.

Reason #2:  It can reduce your risk of cancer.

Tea has plenty of antioxidants to help repair any cell damage and this helps fight against many types of cancers.


Reason #3:  It can improve your cholesterol

Studies indicate that green tea can help reduce your LDL cholesterol or “bad cholesterol” while raising your HDL cholesterol or “good cholesterol”. So in with the good out with the bad!

Reason #4:  It can help protect your teeth and gums

Tests have shown that the antioxidant in tea can help reduce inflammation and prohibit the growth of plaque. Tea also contains some fluoride, which can help protect your enamel.

Reason #5:  Tea can help you lose weight.

The compounds in tea provide a mild metabolic boost that helps your body burn an extra 45 to 50 calories per day. With the right diet and exercise your calorie burning could increase.


So which tea should I choose?

I would recommend choosing a tea to your taste preference and your type of life-style.

Which tea?

-Need some energy? Black tea is the best to wake you up in the morning because it has a strong flavor.It also has a good amount of caffeine to give you energy all day.

-Need to relax after a long day? Green tea has less caffeine then black tea; also it has a natural/neutral flavor that will help you relax.

-Want to feel healthier? White tea has a light flavor. It also has the least amount of caffeine, but contains the most antioxidants.

-Need a little help in your diet? Oolong tea has been best known to help people in losing weight.

                                   Now go forth and drink some tea!

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